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NJB Consulting has been providing independent professional services since 1998, primarily to FTSE100 companies including NatWest Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Thomson Reuters (now Refinitiv) and Siemens Business Services.


Running a profitable company requires a dynamic business model to catch up with and to leapfrog the competition. Leveraging appropriate and cost effective technology is one of the keys to deploying and tuning internal and business processes that will greatly benefit your agents, suppliers and customers.


NJB Consulting adopts a holistic approach to designing and delivering solutions that may leverage existing assets and capabilities to meet your company's specific needs.


Our services ...


Conducting detailed audits of your existing processes and systems to highlight any misalignment with your business strategy, security loopholes and risks, as well as performance, scalability and resilience limitations.

Programme & Project Management

Developing programme / project plans, recruiting and assigning resources, and monitoring and controlling the timely delivery of programme and project milestones to your governance requirements.

Process Re-engineering

Understanding your business processes and identifying opportunities for using technology to streamline and enable new and existing business processes with a full cost (of ownership and operation) to benefit analysis.


Coach your users to achieve proficiency in using a wide range of custom and packaged software, your developers to write code in a variety of languages, and your support personnel to maintain internal systems and back up data.


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Email: services@njbconsulting.co.uk

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